the project

What is a Comprehensive Plan?  A comprehensive plan is a guide to a community's future and is used to sustain and improve it. Comprehensive plans address many aspects of a community including (but not limited to) natural resources, transportation, land use, recreational spaces, housing, economic development, and social and political environments. Acting as a blueprint, comp plans help to inventory assets and challenges while also identifying opportunities and potential actions.  The most successful comp plans are those with strong community input and support.  Comprehensive plans are often influential tools for garnering resources and support for specific projects as they support short and long-term plans and goals. While comp plans are developed with a long-term vision, communities are bound to experience challenges, changes, and opportunities that may (and often times should) divert them.  Thus, comp plans are meant to be flexible and ought to be revisited annually and revised every 5-7 years in order to remain current and relevant. 

Why Hibbing?  Why now?  The City of Hibbing completed its last comprehensive plan in 2002 and has launched this project to revise it. The City's goals are to ensure that it reflects the city's current opportunities and challenges and provides strategies and information that will be used for effective future planning and informed decision-making. The City's mission reiterates three commitments that align with the purpose of the comp plan project in: 1.) managing the community in an effective, accountable, and efficient manner, 2.) making Hibbing a desirable place to live, work, and play, and 3.) reflecting on the highest standard of public services. Throughout the project, residents will be encouraged to engage in the process and contribute their thoughts and ideas. Together with its residents, the City aspires to develop a comprehensive plan that will support a bright and promising future for the community.